The Hanbyol International encompasses the entire area of intellectual property law and venture business consulting for commercializing technologies protected by the intellectual property.  

Our patent attorneys and technical specialists, who specialize in all the major technical disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, chemical, life sciences, bioengineering, business methods, and computer software, are able to provide our clients with the quality-driven and highly productive services to achieve their goals.  

We are aware that our services are judged by the quality, ability and commitment of our members who deliver the service. We have heavily invested in manpower that would enable us to deliver specialized services in various IP and legal sectors.  

Hanbyol International provides clients with a great environment to show our best abilities. Hanbyol International is a law firm that always maps out a proper strategy for strengthening our client's intellectual property rights and provides all the necessary services to our clients for developing their intellectual property portfolios in Korea or anywhere around the world.